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Missing Persons

The following persons have been reported missing. If you have any information on these persons, please contact the Pacific County Sheriff's Office

(360) 875-9397 or (360) 642-9397.

Name: Michael Allen Jarvi

Date of Birth: 29 January 1974

Race: White
Sex: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Blonde
Height: 6-01
Weight: 170
Identifying Marks: Dimple on chin; shrunken right ear lobe
Jewelry: Wrist watch
Clothing: Columbia sportswear, blue and black jacket; blue jeans; white T-shirt; white tennis shoes
Last Seen: 22 March 2002

Missing person

On 22 March 2002, Michael Jarvi left his home in Naselle, Washington in his red Ford Escort.  Michael drove to the Long Beach area and made contact with a counselor.  After that, Michael met a relative in Ilwaco and then drove to Warrenton, Oregon and met with another relative who works in that city.  Michael was supposed to meet with a cousin at Tongue Point that afternoon but never arrived.

On 22 March 2002, Lincoln County, Oregon dispatch received a suspicious complaint that a person in a red Ford Escort was at a residence.  The vehicle was parked in a garage and a subject attempted to enter the residence.  Law enforcement was called and upon their arrival, the person and vehicle had left the scene. The license plate that was obtained came back to Michael’s vehicle.

On 23 March 2002, at about 12:30 pm, Michael stopped at another relative's home in St. Johns, Oregon where he ate and showered before leaving in his vehicle for an unknown destination

On 23 March 2002, at about 1:00 pm, a family member reported Michael missing

​On 24 March 2002, the Sutherlin Police Department in Oregon found Michael’s red Ford Escort abandoned in an old trailer RV park that adjoined a County Park. Personal items were located near the vehicle.  Michael was not located.  The vehicle was picked up by Michael's family.

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