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Press Releases
December 2018




On 10/19/18 at approximately 12:53pm, Pacific County 911 received a call from an unknown male. The male caller made a bomb threat to the Pacific County Courthouse. The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate and is seeking help from the public in identifying the caller. If you have any information, please call the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 360-875-2TIP (2847) or 360-642-2TIP (2847). 




South Bend, WA - On Tuesday the 18th during a brief awards ceremony, Sheriff Scott Johnson presented awards to four individuals for their quick and decisive actions that ultimately saved the lives of three people during three separate incidents within Pacific County. We are very proud of the efforts of these individuals. Below are brief descriptions of each event.
On November 26th, 2017 Corrections Officer Britany Stigall and Long Beach Police Officer Mike Parker both acted quickly and decisively when they saved the life of an inmate that had attempted to hang himself in his cell at the Pacific County Jail. Officer Parker had been present at the jail as he had just booked the inmate into jail.

The inmate had been placed into his assigned jail cell. A short time later, Officer Stigall did a visual inspection of the inmate and observed a white sheet fastened around the inmate’s neck. She responded to the cell along with Officer Parker. Officer Parker lifted the inmate up to relieve pressure from the sheet and Officer Stigall cut the sheet down. The inmate quickly revived after the pressure from the sheet was released and began to breath. The inmate survived due to the quick actions of the officers.

On March 26th, 2018 Deputy Jesse Eastham was on patrol when he overheard a call over the radio regarding an unconscious adult male at a residence in the South Bend area. Deputy Eastham recognized the address and was nearby. Deputy Eastham arrived at the address before medical aid and immediately started lifesaving measures on the unconscious male. Deputy Eastham also gave lifesaving instructions to the reporting party to help assist him. Deputy Eastham assessed that the unconscious male had no pulse and also observed that the unconscious male may have been experiencing an overdose episode.

Deputy Eastham returned to his patrol vehicle to obtain the drug Naloxone to administer upon the unconscious male. Soon after, medical aid arrived on scene and the drug was administered. The unconscious male became conscious and was transported to the hospital. He has made a full recovery.

On May 19th, 2018 Deputy Rick Goodwin was on patrol in the Ocean Park area when he overheard a call over the radio regarding an adult male who had collapsed and was unconscious and not breathing. Deputy Goodwin was in the area and arrived at the incident’s address two minutes later. Deputy Goodwin assessed the situation and found no pulse and began CPR on the unconscious male. Deputy Goodwin continued CPR upon the victim until medical aid arrived and took over. The victim survived due to Deputy Goodwin’s actions.


Pictured L to R: Sheriff Scott Johnson, Corrections Officer Britany Stigall, Deputy Rick Goodwin, Deputy Jesse Eastham and LBPD Officer Mike Parker

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