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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the people of Pacific County with honor and commitment to upholding
the Constitution with unwavering courage. We are dedicated to serving our community with
integrity, transparency, and accountability. Every action we take is guided by our steadfast
commitment to doing what is right every time, even if standing alone. We are directly
accountable to the People of Pacific County, and it is our privilege to serve and protect our
fellow citizens.


Our vision is to meet the evolving needs of our community with unwavering dedication, continuing to innovate and adapt in the face of challenges, growing ourselves to be the best law enforcement agency we can be.  We aspire to foster trust through a steadfast commitment to integrity. Guided by the principles of honor, courage, and commitment, we work to safeguard liberty while effectively protecting our community. 

Deputy Of The Year 2023
Deputies training in a class
Group of people in stands
Drone Training

Guiding Principles

All decisions will be guided by two questions.

1. Does/will this make us more effective?

2. Does/will this serve the People?

Radar Lake
Sheriff swearing in deputy
Canine unit and deputy
Active Shooter Training
narcotics on table

Honor: Uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct in all actions and decisions, maintaining the trust and confidence of the community.

Constitutional Integrity: Respect and uphold the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America and the laws of the land, treating everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect.

Courage: Demonstrate bravery and moral courage in the face of adversity, standing firm for what is right and just.

Leadership and Accountability: Lead by example, setting a positive tone for the Office of the Sheriff, and holding oneself and others accountable for their actions.

Commitment to Community: Serve the People of the community with dedication, empathy, and a genuine commitment to their safety, well-being, and quality of life.

Continuous Improvement: Strive for excellence through continued learning, training, and professional development, always seeking to improve individual and organizational effectiveness through
commitment to do better each day.

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