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Press Releases
December 2017




Naselle, WA. – On December 4th, Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of possible sexual offense that had occurred at a residence located in the 200 block of Upper Naselle road. Upon arriving at the residence, deputies spoke with the reporting party, an adult female. She explained to deputies that a man had knocked on the door to her residence and identified himself by name. She told the deputies that she recognized the man from previous contacts. The man asked if he could use an electrical outlet to charge his cellular phone and she allowed him into her residence.

Once inside, the man plugged in his phone to charge and then asked to use her bathroom. The reporting party advised deputies that the man was in her bathroom for about a half of an hour and then he came out and sat on a chair in her living room. The reporting party stated that she was sitting on a couch next to the chair speaking with the man while he was looking at his phone. The reporting party stated that the man then suddenly exposed his penis from his pants and began to masturbate in front of her. The reporting party then told the man to leave her residence and she immediately called 911. After the man left the residence, the reporting party checked her bathroom and found that a bottle of lotion had been accessed and some of the lotion was on the floor. The reporting party stated that the man appeared to have been on foot with no vehicle.

The responding deputies checked the area extensively for the man as the reporting party had provided a detailed description and name of the suspect. The suspect was identified as Andrew A. Doan age 42, of the Naselle area.  As deputies continued to investigate the incident and the possible whereabouts of Doan, they learned that Doan had also attempted to contact and gain entry to at least three other homes in the same neighborhood prior to this incident. Deputies learned that Doan contacted another residence in the 200 block of Upper Naselle road and asked to use the phone. The adult female at that residence allowed Doan to use her phone outside on the front porch and didn’t allow him into the residence. Doan had told that person that his vehicle was broke down nearby.

Deputies learned that Doan then went to yet another residence in the 200 block of Upper Naselle road and opened the back door of that residence and started to enter. The home owner, an adult female, was alerted to the incident by her dog barking. She saw that Doan had opened her door and had his head and one leg inside the threshold of the door looking around. The home owner confronted Doan who identified himself to her as “Drew”. She stated that Doan told her that his vehicle was broken down nearby and he requested to use her phone and to charge his cellular phone. She told him that she couldn’t help him. She shut her door and assumed that Doan had left. She explained that she was getting her belongings together as she was getting ready to leave the residence. She stated that she turned and entered her kitchen to find that Doan had entered her residence without permission through another door. She then backed Doan out of her residence and told him again to leave.

Deputies also learned that Doan went to another residence in the 200 block of Upper Naselle road, presumably before he contacted the other residences. They contacted that residence and learned from the female reporting party that Doan had come to her front door requesting that she give him a ride to the location of his broken down vehicle. This reporting party stated that she knew who Doan was from previous contacts but told him that she couldn’t help him. She didn’t allow Doan into her residence.
Deputies continued to investigate the incidents and followed leads in an attempt to locate Doan. On December 7th, a deputy who was off duty received a tip from a concerned citizen who had heard about the investigation. That tip led the deputy to a residence located in the 600 block of state route 101 in the Chinook area. The deputy, with assistance from officers with the Long Beach Police Department was able to place Doan under arrest.

Doan was transported to the Pacific County Jail and is being held on charges of Residential Burglary with Sexual Motivation and Criminal Trespassing in the First Degree.

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