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Press Releases
October 2017





South Bend, Washington – Pacific County Communications (PACCOM) and RapidSOS, an advanced emergency technology company, are working together to provide citizens of Pacific County with enhanced access to emergency services through the SOS Beacon mobile app.

Due to limitations with the current 911 infrastructure, mobile calls to 911 do not always provide 911 Centers with the caller’s precise location. With RapidSOS’ SOS Beacon app installed on citizens’ phones, the best possible location information available directly from the smartphone device can be transmitted to Pacific County Communications when a call to 911 is made within Pacific County. This information is integrated into Pacific County’s existing 911 call-taking software, providing invaluable information seamlessly to call-takers and dispatchers as they work to send callers appropriate help quickly.
“Pacific County Sheriff’s Office is leading the way in Next-Generation-911 technology advancements,” said RapidSOS CEO, Michael Martin. “We are thrilled to partner to give Pacific County call-takers and dispatchers the information they need to get citizens help quickly in an emergency, improving emergency outcomes.”
Pacific County Communications is proud to offer free access to the SOS Beacon app to all citizens and visitors of the County (SOS Beacon is available for download on the App Store and Google Play store). Once SOS Beacon is installed, citizens can forget about it — it activates itself automatically in the background when 911 is called through the phone’s native dialer, transmitting more accurate location to 911 in participating jurisdictions nationwide. SOS Beacon only captures your location during a live 911 call and this data is never transmittable or available to anyone other than 911 professionals in an emergency.

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