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There are several ways you can be released from custody prior to trial. These include:

  1. Full cash bail - 100% of your established bail amount. This must be in cash.

  2. Bail bond - The following Bonding Agents have been approved for posting bail in Superior Court, North District Court, South District Court, and the Municipal Courts:

  • A Plus Bail Bonds, INC.

(360) 696-9910

  • Northwest Surety, LLC

(360) 786-0777

  • ​Lacey OMalley Bonding & Insurance, INC.

(206) 622-2668

  • 2nd Chance Bail Bonds LLC 

(360) 350-0089

  • Regan Bail Bonds

(360) 694-2245

  • ​A Affordable Bail Bonds, LLC. 

(888) 695-8950

  • 11:11 Bail Bonds

(360) 329-6812


You may arrange bail with a Bonding Agent recognized by our Courts. Bonding fees are a matter of confidentiality between the bondsman and his client. The Sheriff and Jail staff members have no connection with any licensed bonding agency and will make no recommendations pertaining to such. Bondsmen are private, licensed business persons and are under no obligation to make bond for any arrested person.

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